# Our convictions

Think strategically and act by communicating well must be the stance taken by any player who wishes to deliver a message to public opinion, because communication cannot be disassociated from strategy.

The best way to protect a company’s reputation is to anticipate potential risks to its image and to integrate them further upstream on its strategic roadmap.

To be effective, all communication strategies must include a precise evaluation of how effective an organisation is with regard to specified goals.

At the top of an organisation, business leaders are the first to project a vision of the company and the messages it wants to deliver. Providing them with the right support is therefore essential to guarantee the coherence of a communication strategy.


#Our expertise

- Upstream preparation of business leaders, prior to the delivery of strategic messages.

- Help with communication when necessary, during such delicate phases as mergers and acquisitions, buyouts, initial public offerings, restructuring and potential or existing crises.

- Strategic mapping of the balance of power in debates, in order to have an impact on image and influence over the long-term.


# Our track record

The quality of Philippe Hardouin’s professional career:

- His vast experience as an entrepreneur and business leader:

chairman of publishing houses, chairman of industrial operations in the automobile sector; director of communication, public affairs and labour relations for major international industrial companies in a variety of industrial sectors (automotive, aeronautics, chemicals, electronics, culture and media).

- His viewpoint as the former chairman of the Corporate Communication Agency, and his experience as the former chairman of Entreprises et Médias,

the association of Communication Directors in France. Throughout his career, he has developed special ties with all players in the communication industry, as well as with public and private institutions.