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ANCRE is a strategy consulting firm specialising in public affairs,
communication and labour relations, doing business in Europe and the United States, and operating under CSPH INTERNATIONAL brand name.



CSPH International managing partners

« Show strength through numbers

to create a quality social dialogue

and to insure that the voice of the social partner is heard by political institutions on either side of the Atlantic when necessary. »


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« Thinking strategically

collecting the necessary

intelligence, having the
requisite research

at one’s disposal and acting by bringing it
all together and communicating well:
these are the imperatives for advancing effectively in a world with immediate access
to knowledge and information that knows no borders. »


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« Intervene

behind the scenes of political institutions

to keep track of the tone
of discussions on a daily basis, and impose oneself over time as a driving force in the process.” »


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« Being demanding

to produce relevant business intelligence

and acutely follow the work
of parliamentary committees. »


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Our key strengths

  • We are consulting experts from Europe and USA in the areas of public affairs, communication and labour relations.
  • We offer the combined experience of our partners in these fields of expertise, within major international corporations and European institutions.
  • We bring long standing experience from working in and with major international corporations and European institutions.
  • We are capable of producing pertinent economic research to underpin a case, and of developing quality economic intelligence.
  • We bring together different nationalities wich enriches our viewpoint and strategic advice.
  • We deliberately choose to work with a limited number of clients, in order to accompany them over the long term in pursuit of their strategic goals.
  • We share strong convictions in each of our areas of expertise.